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Ally Ebdon
Curriculum Vitae

Email:                         allyebdon@gmail.com

Employment and Work Experience

May-December 2016
Junior Digital Producer
Tayburn Ltd
In this role, my responsibilities spanned a number of different areas, from planning and strategy, to creative and content creation to team management.

I worked on many projects gathering research to inform the creative and strategy of campaigns. This involved gaining a broad understanding of the industry in question by researching the client competitors and the relevant audiences. After collecting and analysing research I was often responsible for providing a creative direction for the campaign based upon the insights gathered.

I was responsible for community managing the agency's social accounts. This involved creating content (both writing long form blog posts and journal entries about the industry and shorter status updates and tweets) and also managing user generated content. For a self-promotional campaign Tayburn ran during Christmas 2016 I was the lead social strategist; defining the direction and content guidelines of the related social media accounts.

I regularly worked closely with Tayburn's preferred CMS, Modx. This involved both populating existing and developing sites with content but also training clients on how to use the CMS in the future. In the past, I have also worked with other content management systems such as Drupal and Wordpress.

March-April 2016
The Lane Agency, Edinburgh
During the last months of university I carried out an internship with the Lane Agency, working with their Digital Project managers on a number of projects.

My responsibilities included working on the redesign of a number of their current websites, with an initial focus on the intended user journey of the site and how this should inform the hierarchy of pages. After the initial UX stages of this project were complete I was then heavily involved in content population using the CMS Drupal.

April 2013-present
The Ukulele Workshop
I started my own business in 2013 selling patterned ukuleles which I decorated using vinyl coverings . After establishing my business on etsy, I was invited to join the Not On The High Street (NOTHS) team and sell with them. During the Christmas 2013 period, the business grew quickly due to heavy advertising and prominent features in the Sunday Times Style magazine and the NOTHS Christmas campaign. As well as growing my main product line I also produced custom work for clients and worked with major and independent retailers in order to develop product lines. As well as allowing me to grow my interest in retail, owning a successful business has required that I develop a wide range of skills, including dealing with accounts, setting deadlines, time management, and dealing with people in various different environments (customers, stockists, graphic designers etc.). Due to the business’s rapid growth I also developed my ability to deal with time-restricted situations, and have come to recognise that I flourish creatively in high-pressure environments.

May 2006-present
I run a design and lifestyle blog which I operate predominantly as a hobby, occasionally working with brands to produce sponsored content.

I have worked with companies such as John Lewis and Argos to produce DIY-craft posts which centre around products they sell. I have also worked with prominent bloggers such as StudioDIY, Paper&Stitch and You Are My Fave to produce collaborative content and guest posts. Maintaining my blog has required time-keeping and organisational skills. It has also significantly improved my photography skills and proficiency with tools such as Photoshop, as well as stretching me creatively.

Educational Background

University of Edinburgh
Master of Arts (with honours) Philosophy and Linguistics     2:1        68
Key areas of study have been foundations in Linguistic Principles and the development and variation of languages. I found discussions of how language is used in the media and retail environments particularly interesting and well as the study of how language originated in early man. I studied a wide array of Philosophy courses on Knowledge and Reality, The Enlightenment and Philosophy of Science which has given me a firm grounding in the Philosophical method; allowing me to approach problems in a critical and rational manner.

I wrote two dissertations as a part of the double dissertation program run by the philosophy department. These were written in the areas of the Philosophy of Time and the Philosophy of Fiction.

2005-2012 The Downs School, Compton, Berkshire
A level 2012
A      History                               
A      English Literature                
B      Philosophy  
GCSE 2010
A*     English Language                
A*     French                                
A*     History                               
A*     Art and Design                    
A      Applied ICT                        
A      English Literature                
A      Mathematics                        
A      Biology                               
A      Chemistry                           
A      Physics                               

In addition to my academic pursuits I held a number of organisational roles during my time at the Downs School. I held the position of prefect for a number of years which allowed me to develop my communication skills with my peers. I also was a representative of the performing arts for my house and organised a number of drama related events as well as contributing to art and design shows.

Skills and Interests

I have a keen interest in craft and creative projects. I specialise particularly in textiles and sewing, creating physical structures using paper and board, and drawing.

For the past year I have taken part in the 'Slow Fashion' challenge, an online challenge which encourages makers to source all handmade items of clothing and sew everything they can. This has really stretched and improved my skills as I have learned to sew with new techniques and materials.

I have strong computer literacy, being highly competent in Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. My business requires me to use Microsoft Excel in order to keep track of accounts, sales and shipping times and my blog requires that I can work with images quickly and efficiently in order to create new content.

I started playing the harp in late 2015. I enjoy playing a full repertoire from Handel and Bach to Swift and Cyrus.