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From May-December 2016 I worked as a Digital Producer at the Digital Branding agency, Tayburn Ltd. In this role, I supervised small group projects, worked as a Strategist and was involved in the creation and collation of digital media.

PLANNING AND STRATEGY I worked on many projects gathering research to inform the creative direction and strategy of campaigns. This involved gaining a broad understanding of the industry in question by researching the client competitors, the relevant audiences and the behaviours of those who were most likely to respond to the campaign.

CREATIVE PLANNING After collecting and analysing research I was often responsible for providing a creative direction for the campaign based upon the insights gathered. This ranged from suggesting the general trends which might appeal to those audience I had researched, to developing full proposals of the campaign's creative and design elements.

SOCIAL MEDIA During my time at Tayburn I was responsible for community managing the agency's social accounts. This involved creating content (both writing long form blog posts and journal entries about the industry and short status updates and tweets) and also managing user-generating content.

For a self-promotional campaign Tayburn ran during Christmas 2016 I was the lead social strategist; defining the direction and content guidelines of the related social media accounts.

I was also responsible for advising clients  on social media strategy and usage policy and often assisted with the creation of content for clients.

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS I regularly worked closely with Tayburn's preferred CMS, Modx. This involved both populating existing and developing sites with content but also training clients on how to use the CMS in the future.

In the past, I have also worked with other content management systems such as Drupal and Wordpress.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS I performed regular audits and created custom monthly reports for clients which informed changes made to the site based upon client KPIs. I used Google Analytics when researching new work for existing clients in order to create an informed strategy backed up by user behaviour.

UX REVIEWS AND DIGITAL HEALTHCHECKS I regularly assessed and evaluated sites which were ready to be redesigned or completely changed. This was done with respect to user experience, design and also technical guidelines.

WIREFRAMES I created wireframes for entirely new websites and also new pages for existing sites. These were based upon UX principles, best practice and business objectives.

CONTENT CREATION I created copy for various projects and journal pieces, in either my voice, the company's voice or ghostwriting on behalf of the managing directors. I created content for many clients also, writing both body copy and blog content.

TEAM MANAGEMENT I managed small projects from start to finish, making sure that the digital process was maintained in both development teams and design teams and worked to resolve any issues or disagreements which arose.

DIGITAL PROCESS I ensured that best practice was observed when working on digital projects. For example, looking at responsive practices on websites, accessibility, usability and design and exposure to quality assurance methodology.

CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS I developed and maintained good relationships with clients. I took part in and led weekly status calls to discuss development of large websites, monthly presentations to present analytics findings, client training sessions and presentations of new campaigns.