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I currently run a business called the Ukulele Workshop, where I sell ukuleles with printed designs on. I started this business in 2013 when I started playing the soprano ukulele; I wanted to buy a patterned ukulele but I couldn't find one anywhere. I made a couple of mock ups using vinyl sheets and begun to sell them on Etsy. After a few months of good sales I was invited to join the Not On the High Street (NOTHS) team and sell with them. 

In the Christmas 2013 period, the business grew rapidly due to media attention. I was heavily featured in the NOTHS Christmas campaign and was lucky enough to be featured in the Sunday Times Style magazine as well as a number of online publications. 

The following year, I continued to grown my main product line but also started producing custom working for clients. I also began to work closely with major and independent retailers in order to develop product lines. Owning a successful business has required that I develop a wide range of skills, including dealing with accounts, setting deadlines, time management, and dealing with people in various different environments (customers, stockists, graphic designers etc.). Due to the business’s rapid growth I also developed my ability to deal with time-restricted situations, and have come to recognise that I flourish creatively in high-pressure environments.

I work with some amazing companies to create content for my blog. My blog has developed over the years from an online journal to a creative resource with an exciting community of followers. This has allowed me to work with some wonderful companies such as Lush Ltd, John Lewis and Argos as well as some prominent bloggers including Studio DIY, Paper&Stitch and You Are My Fave.

Aged 15 I started a business selling french macarons. I created a range of twelve flavours (as well as seasonal extras) and would tour local food markets every weekend, selling around 300 macarons per event. The highlight of this was being invited to exhibit at the Oxford Food Fair by the chef Raymond Blanc. I sold over 2,000 macarons and Mr Blanc said they were "very pretty".

As well as my Ukulele business I also have an etsy shop called the Costumerie where I find and collect amazing vintage style jewellery.