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I studied Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh as part of a Master of Arts (with Honours) degree in Philosophy and Linguistics. I found studying in a department which is ranked as no.1 in the UK and no.3 worldwide to be a constant source of inspiration. This pushed and challenged me to explore new areas of study which I would not have been exposed to otherwise.

I particularly enjoyed studying theories surrounding the Origins of Language. The incredibly varied content allowed me to study evolutionary development, human and primate anatomy and practises in palaeontology. 

I valued Linguistics hugely for its ability to provide endless interesting facts and dinner party conversation. Here are a few of my favourites. 

-The Irish language has no words for yes or no.

-Tok Pisin is a fascinating creole language spoken in Papa New Guinea. It's vocabulary is made up mainly of words borrowed and adapted from European languages (predominantly English). This results in some amazing words. For example the word for beard is "Gras bilong fes" which is literally 'the grass which belongs on your face".

-We may have the invention of fire to thank for our language ability. Researchers believe that the invention of cooking allowed early humans to receive more nutrients from the food they caught, this in turn led to an increase in the energy available and so over time the brain swelled to become the energy-guzzling language machine it is today. 

2005-2012 The Downs School, Compton, Berkshire

A level 2012

A History     
A English Literature             
B Philosophy                          

GCSE 2010

A* English Language                
A* French                                
A* History                               
A* Art and Design                   
A Applied ICT                        
A English Literature               
A Mathematics                       
A Biology                               
A Chemistry                           
A Physics              

In addition to my academic pursuits I held a number of organisational roles during my time at the Downs School. I held the position of prefect for a number of years which allowed me to develop my communication skills with my peers. I also was a representative of the performing arts for my house and organised a number of drama related events as well as contributing to art and design shows.