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I studied Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh as part of a Master of Arts (with Honours) degree in Philosophy and Linguistics.

As a part of the Double Dissertation program at the Philosophy department, I wrote two dissertations on the subjects of the Philosophy of Fiction and the Philosophy of Time and Time Travel. The first explores the process of reading fiction; how a reader identifies fiction, how they approach facts within a fiction and whether it is possible to gain true information and beliefs as a result of fiction. My second dissertation discussed the competing theories attempting to explain our understanding of time; with an emphasis on 'Tensed' and 'Tenseless' statements which disagree over the possibility of creating sentences whose truth values remain constant despite the passing of time.  

As a result of my education in Philosophy I feel very analytically competent; the philosophical method is hugely valuable to understanding a situation rationally and finding a logical conclusion. 

Outside of University I enjoy listening to a number of Philosophy Podcasts including 'Very Bad Wizards' and 'The Partially Examined Life'. 

2012-2016 University of Edinburgh
Master of Arts (with honors) Philosophy and Linguistics     2:1        68
Key areas of study have been foundations in Linguistic Principles and the development and variation of languages. I found discussions of how language is used in the media and retail environments particularly interesting and intend to continue study in this area. I studied a wide array of Philosophy courses on Knowledge and Reality, The Enlightenment and Philosophy of Science which has given me a firm grounding in the Philosophical method; allowing me to approach problems in a critical and rational manner.

I wrote two dissertations as a part of the double dissertation program run by the philosophy department. These were written in the areas of the Philosophy of Time and the Philosophy of Fiction.

2005-2012 The Downs School, Compton, Berkshire

A level 2012

A History     
A English Literature             
B Philosophy                          

GCSE 2010

A* English Language                
A* French                                
A* History                               
A* Art and Design                   
A Applied ICT                        
A English Literature               
A Mathematics                       
A Biology                               
A Chemistry                           
A Physics                               

In addition to my academic pursuits I held a number of organisational roles during my time at the Downs School. I held the position of prefect for a number of years which allowed me to develop my communication skills with my peers. I was also a representative of the performing arts for my house and organised a number of drama related events as well as contributing to art and design shows.